Training Tips

Use these tips to get the most out of using the puzzles with your dog.

  • We recommend puppies over 4 months can use these puzzles.

  • Use small treats or bits of kibble to hide in the spaces.

  • Encourage your dog to find by uncovering part of the hole and let them get the treat, praising when they do it correctly.

  • When they get used to finding the treats by themselves help is not needed, and less treats can be used to make it harder.

  • Only use with human supervision

  • Do not let dog chew or bite any part of the puzzle

  • If dog gets over-excited cease play and continue when the dog is calmer

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Use small pieces of food as a supplement to meals, adjusting the amount of food to the number of treats given.

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Training Tips

Check out our tips for how to get the most out of puzzle-play for you and your dog.