About Us

We are a UK based family run business. We have 3 dogs and between us have over 20 years of animal care.

To us, the welfare of our dogs is the most important thing and as long as they are happy and healthy, we're happy. This is a value that we want to bring to you.<

We started making puzzles when we got our first Springer Spaniel and recognised the fact that she needed some kind of mental stimulation, since being a pet rather than a working dog, she needed something to keep her mind activated. With some experience in making things with wood we decided that would be a good material to work with, and after creating some successful puzzles for our own dogs we have expanded form there.

All puzzles are tested out on our own dogs for practicality, if it doesn't get past our panel then we have no faith in it.

Our Dogs

A Whippet and in the older age range, which goes to show that almost anyone can do it. He is not food motivated but does enjoy a good puzzle from time to time. He doesn't like to move around, he prefers the puzzle to move for him. His favourite is the spinner

An English Springer Spaniel and highly motivated, she is very clever and quickly figures things out. She is very interested in food and will do almost anything for a good biscuit. Her favourite puzzle is the slider.

Another English Springer and also very clever, he is still young and can get overexcited at times. He is also very food motivated and, although younger, can do puzzles just as well as the older springer. His favourite is anything he gets food from.

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Use small pieces of food as a supplement to meals, adjusting the amount of food to the number of treats given.

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Training Tips

Check out our tips for how to get the most out of puzzle-play for you and your dog.