Snuffle Mats & Balls

snuffle matt snuffle ball
Difficulty rating: Easy

Snuffle toys provide pets with the chance to use their noses, which is stimulating and satisfying to your pet. Simply hide some of their normal kibble or treats in the toy and let them find all the pieces.
Essential stimulation for all breeds, and especially working or gundog breeds. Can be taken out for a portable puzzle toy. Perfect as a starter for other puzzles and scentwork.
We create mats and balls, mats are laid flat, where balls provide pocket-like portions to hide treats.
Mats are 40cm x 28cm. Balls are 18cm diameter. Please choose main colour preference from list on purchase, may depend on availability.

Suitable for: Dogs of all sizes, ages, and abilities. Best for beginners.

£15 each

(+£3.50 P&P UK)

Snuffle Mat

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Snuffle Ball

Colour options
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Use small pieces of food as a supplement to meals, adjusting the amount of food to the number of treats given.

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